Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Starting Over Tag

I was tagged by Rach of All Natural Aspirations to come up with my own Starting Over list. The idea of The Starting Over tag is to imagine that all of your cosmetic and personal care items are gone (lost, stolen, whatever) and you can replace/repurchase only 16 of them... which would you choose?

Here is my list of must haves...

 Hairbrush - With hair as thick and long as mine, this is a priority!
Hair bobble - for bad hair days
Shampoo - still to find "The One" but this is a necessity
Conditioner - see above ;)

Honey - Cleanser, spot treatment, masks
REN BB Cream - SPF and light coverage in one
Avril Mascara
Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadow in Hodor 
TANF black liquid eyeliner
AloeDent Toothpaste - duh!

Bodhi & Birch Mint The Temple Balm - Headaches and muscle aches be gone!
Bodhi & Birch Mint The Bath & Shower Therapy
Salt of the Earth Deodorant

Multi Use
Raw Coconut Oil - It is multi use - make up remover, cleanser, moisturiser, lip balm ect
Apple Cider Vinegar - Externally for toners, spot treatment and internally for energy and digestive cleansing
Aloe Vera - Hair tamer, moisuriser

And there it is!

I tag


  1. Great choices Jen. I particularly like the Ren bb cream and the Bodhi & Birch products x

    1. It was interesting to narrow everything down - to be honest it's not really too dissimilar to my usual must-haves with the exclusion of a specific facial moisturiser! x

  2. I love reading these lists and have been composing one in my head for weeks. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for commenting Peony. It's quite fun to look through everything and decide on what is really needed! x

  3. Love this - you've thought about this way more than I did (I forgot toothpaste & deodorant!!) haha! Great choices, I tried Mint The balm at the B&B Rosa Rosa launch and ahhhhhh love it!

    1. Deodorant was my first pick! haha. Loved your choices by the way x

  4. loved your picks :) The BB cream sounds like a real must have xx


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