Monday, 3 October 2016

Review: MotherlyLove

Footloose, Massage Oil, Due Date, Pulse Point

I was recently introduced to MotherlyLove, an exciting range of 100% pure natural oils created by Jan - a midwife and aromatherapist.
Motherlylove have created a range of blended oils which has mum and baby's health and happiness in mind.
The range consists of 8 blended oils, which include Tums & Bums Stretchmark Oil, Pregnancy & Labour Massage Oil, and a Relaxing Bath Oil. Jan has also created two pulse point roll on oils to be used during labour.

As my due date is just around the corner, I was kindly sent Foot Loose Soothing Massage Oil* and Due Date Pulse Point in Bergamot and Grapefruit*.

I've really suffered with swelling over the third trimester, my hands and feet puffing up and causing me all sorts of issues. I was glad to be able to try out something specifically for pregnancy swelling, and Foot Loose did not disappoint. With a base of sweet almond and coconut , this omega rich oil had lavender and peppermint expertly blended to create a treat for feet (and hands!). Of course having a foot and leg massage from the Mr helps, and we found the oil really lovely to work with.

The Due Date Pulse Point roll on is a perfect little bottle to carry around to lift the spirits and help focus the mind. Bergamot and grapefruit are wonderfully uplifting and really help with get up and go. Not just for use during labour, I've been applying daily whenever I've needed a pick-me-up and I feel like this will help relax my mind and body when using it in labour as I'll have associated the scent with something relaxing.

Motherlylove won big in this years Green Parent 2016 Natural Beauty Awards, taking home Gold Best Buy for Due Date Pregnancy/Labour Massage Oil, and Gold for Pamper Mum Bath/Shower Oil. They also swooped up 1 Gold and 2 Silver awards from the Gentle Parenting 2016 awards.

You can browse the range by clicking here.

*PR samples

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  1. I am definitely not a mum nor soon to be one but these sound lovely anyway! I love Bergamot and the combo with Grapefruit sounds delicious :) x


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