Saturday, 18 April 2015

Review: Marmozel - Handmade in Lithuania

Back at the end of February, an email landed in my inbox all the way from Lithuania. I was intrigued and amazed to learn about Marmozel, a small brand producing hand made natural, fresh skincare and perfumes. I was offered the chance to pick a couple of products from their range to review but when the parcel arrived, I received so much more!

What really jumped out to me were the Wax Perfumes* - scented butters in small pots that make for easy use and even easier to carry around with you to apply while on the go to wrists, neck, behind the ear - anywhere really! The perfumes are fairly solid in the current weather but I can imagine that they'll soften up and become easier to apply once it warms up. At the moment, I kind of coax it out with a fingernail and warm it up between fingers before applying.
Tasty is made from cocoa butter, arabica coffee extract, lemon essential oil and vanilla - it really does smell tasty! I use it more as a control, if I fancy something sweet then I'll whip this out, apply and take a deep breath.
Jasmine is a fragrance that I always return to, I love the heady scent and use it for evenings out. Jasmine, mimosa and rose flower wax, along with beeswax make this perfume a bit softer to use.

Next on my list were the Body Oils* because I'm predictable!
The Seabuckthorn Body Oil is a dream to use - applies easily and absorbs quickly leaving the skin with a lovely hint of colour thanks to both the seabuckthorn and carrot oils. Other ingredients include sunflower, sesame and coconut oils with geranium and ylang ylang essential oils.
The Garden of Eden Body Oil is best applied onto wet skin and focused on areas of skin with cellulite - hello bums and thighs. I usually apply after a bath in the evening as the scent helps to relax and calm. Made with sweet almond, sesame and jojoba oils with geranium, ylang ylang and tangor essential oils.

I was also sent a Natural Deodorant*, Facial Cleanser* and a sample of a Nourishing Cream*.
I didn't really get on with the Deodorant, I found the pump of the spray to be difficult to use and I always seem to spray everywhere but under my arms. Instead, I popped it in my draw at work to use as a mid-day refresher and that worked quite nicely.
The Facial Cleanser works really well, I use it both to remove eye make up with a cotton round and as a first cleanse in the evening. The Nourishing Cream was a bit too rich for me so after a couple of goes using it at night, I used it on my elbows instead!

You can shop the full range (including home, hair care and men's) at Marmozel's webpage HERE.

*All products here were sent for review. I didn't want to add a * to every single thing as I felt that made the page look messy - instead I grouped similar products together and *ed them.


  1. I'd love to try Jasmine Wax Perfume and Seabuckthorn Body Oil. This sounds like a lovely brand. Great review!

    1. They are beautiful products - so pleased to have had the chance to try them x

  2. This looks like a lovely brand x

    1. They really are lovely , you'd love them x


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