Sunday, 12 April 2015

Gorgeously Green Gathering - The Announcement You've Been Waiting For!

I'm about to reveal the full details on the Gorgeously Green Gathering so roll up, roll up this is the news you've all been waiting for!

For those of you still thinking "huh? What is this?" then I'll explain. 

Gorgeously Green Gathering is a unique event run by bloggers (Sarah - Sugarpuffish and Rach - All Natural Aspirations and little old me), for bloggers (i.e YOU!). 

On Sunday 13th September, the doors of the De Vere Village Hotel in Swindon will open to 31 golden ticket holders for a day focused on natural beauty. We have speakers from 5 wonderful 'Green' brands who will be giving an introduction to how they got started, Q&A sessions and much more.

The Plan.
09.30 - Doors Open
10.15 - First talk, MYROO
11.00 - Break
11.15 - Second talk, Bodhi & Birch
12.00 - Break
12.15 - Third talk, The Rose Tree (sponsor)
13.00 - LUNCH (two course hot and cold buffet)
14.00 - Fourth talk, Weleda 
14.45 - Break
15.00 - Fifth talk, Botanical Brands inc Living Nature & Lippy Girl (sponsor)
15.45 - Break
16.00 - Networking
16.45 - Goodbyes

We have 31 tickets available from the 13/14 June- don't worry, we'll remind you closer to the time - and they will go on a first come, first serve basis to bloggers. 
Tickets will cost £20 and to clarify, we are NOT making any kind of profit. We are charging simply to cover costs and if we have any surplus, it'll go to our nominated charity (more on that later!). You're ticket also gets you unlimited refreshments during the day, snack and a two course lunch.

We've arranged to have a Charity Raffle too, tickets will be available to buy on the day.  Facing The World, which was first brought to our attention by the lovely Annie from Hello Purple Clouds, is our nominated charity and all proceeds will go to them. 

For more information, make sure you're following @GGGathering, @sugarpuffish @AllNaturalRach and @jensgreenskin. 

Any questions? Feel free to tweet us or email us at

Get excited people, you won't want to miss out!

Gorgeously Green Gathering is brought to you by Botanical Brands and The Rose Tree.


  1. i am very disappointed by this especially as i gave feedback regarding how this event could be run. i am not a blogger and to only (even if just initially) open this to blogger is not fair. i feel that as readership increases bloggers seem to forget that without READERS their blog would not be read! 31 tickets, first come to bloggers, what will will be left for those who read all your blogs but do not blog themselves????

  2. This looks like so much fun. Hopefully you will do another one next year when I'm back in the UK.

  3. This looks like so much fun. Hopefully you will do another one next year when I'm back in the UK.

  4. Oh man this sounds amazing! If it's a success you all should take this show on the road and come visit San Diego California...I'll help host ;) I hope its a big success and tons of fun!


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