Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review: Neom Tranquillity Travel Candle and Pillow Mist

I've had my eye on Neom's Perfect Night's Sleep set for a while but couldn't really justify spending £55 on myself just before Christmas!
After an unrelated visit to the QVC website, I found they had a mini Tranquillity set - £19.50 for a 50ml Tranquillity Pillow Mist and a travel Tranquillity candle. A mega bargain so of course I picked one up!

Tranquillity Pillow Mist 50ml - A beautifully scented mist with a clean and relaxing scent, the English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine are perfect companions to aid a peaceful sleep. I spritz this onto my pillow and the top of my duvet before I climb into bed. I found that I needed to do this a few moments before I actually got into bed as I am very sensitive to the scent of the grain alcohol. It only lasts a few moments really and after that I can really appreciate the essential oils that create this spray.

Tranquillity Travel Candle 75g - The candle has the same delightful fragrance as the mist but better still, as the candle smells glorious even when unlit. It needs at least an hour of burning to really 'set the mood' I guess I could say! I find myself going up to bed earlier now, lighting the candle and going through my evening skincare routine before settling with a book for half an hour. After this, I really feel relaxed and ready for a good rest.

Both the candle and the mist have good lasting power; if I am having a particularly bad sleep, with lots of turning, I can still smell the scent throughout the night.

You can buy this mini Tranquillity Set on the QVC website here for £19.50.


  1. Ooh these sounds lovely and that was a bargain on QVC! I'm not really a candle person as I share a room with my sister but I am definitely going to be buying some lovely candles when she moves out of my room!

    Amber | Amber's Beauty Talk

  2. What a great bargain, this would make a fantastic present x


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