Sunday, 8 December 2013

What I've got on my bed-side table

I thought I would do a couple of posts on what I am currently using. Today is what I have on my bed-side table and next week I will do one about what I have in my handbag.

I'm a huge music lover and have this rather old but faithful DAB radio with iPod docking station within easy reach. I will usually have BBC 6Music on but I love that I can dock my iPod at any time and listen to whichever new album has taken my fancy that week.

Leading nicely into my current book, Morrissey's Autobiography. The Smiths are my all time favourite band and I just love Mozza. The Autobiography has been a long time coming but was eventually published last minute by Penguin Books, which I think is fantastic and just like him. The book is very lyrical and reads just like a song, it makes it quite difficult to really get in to but I am enjoying reading small chunks at a time.

I always have a hand cream and lip balm on my bed-side table, the brands change constantly but I love what I am currently using. bodhi Cocoa Cacoon Lip Treatment is the perfect night time lip balm as it works at a really deep level of the skin, see my full review here. For my hands, I am loving Gwdihw Hand Balm which I got in a SoukSouk box. This is such a rich, nourishing balm with a zingy lemon scent.

I take Viridian High Five Multivitamin & Mineral Formula daily and the reason I buy these ones in particular is that they are free from any fillers, including talc, and are vegetarian. 

From Neal's Yard Remedies (they had to be included!) I have a Remedy to Roll in Night Time. I have repurchased this time and time again and especially love it when I am away from my own bed. 
Also from NYR I have an intensive Nail Balm. Another really zingy balm that I use mostly for my toe nails.

Lastly, a very recent addition to my bed-side table are NEOM's Tranquillity Travel Candle and Room Mist. I will be posting a full review later this week but these are really luxurious products and I just love the room mist. 

So that is it! What do you keep on your bed-side cabinet? 


  1. Ooh I love the NYR Nail Balm! It smells so good. I'm using the Viridian Clear Skin Complex at the minute...what do the multivitamins aim to do? x

  2. The Cocoa Cacoon Lip looks so good!
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