Thursday, 3 October 2013

Review: bubb & DIMPLES Body Balm, Face Balm and Body Oil Candles!

Last on my list of lovely bubb & DIMPLES products to review are the Nourishing Face & Body Balm, Face & Lips Balm in Vanilla Pod & Rose*, Lavender* and Chillax*, Nourishing Body Oil Candle in English Garden and Afternoon Tea.

Nourishing Face & Body Balm - When I initially received this, the product had actually gone bad and was unusable. Fortunately, after a quick email to the bubb & DIMPLES team they sent me a replacement the same day and I received it the day after! Great service. This came with a muslin cloth which was a lovely bonus. As for the balm itself, I have been using it nightly for a few weeks now. As with most balms, this is a true multi-tasker. Remove eye make-up, cleanse, moisturise, lip balm, hair treatment and spot treatment. It has a lovely scent with a mix of Rose Geranium, Lavender, Neroli and Grapefruit. The balm is a good consistency - not too hard or too runny and is easy to use. 

Face & Lips Balm in Vanilla Pod & Rose*, Lavender* and Chillax* - These were sent along with my order as samples. Great sized pots for keeping in the handbag, desk draws or car. I've used them as lip balms mostly but also as a hand balm and to tame a bit of hair frizzage that occurred during this rubbish muggy weather. The Lavender Balm was my favourite as it had hints of bergamot and I love those earthy smells!

Nourishing Body Oil Candle in English Garden and Afternoon Tea - What a brilliant idea - a candle that you can also use as a moisturiser! I was so excited to get these after reading a few reviews on them. I love candles but since "going green" have struggled to find eco-friendly ones. That was until I turned to Twitter! Anyway, this Body Oil Candle was like a dream. 
Ideally you light the candle for 15-20 mins and leave to cool for a few moments before dipping your fingers in the soy wax and apply to the skin - particularly dry areas. It felt a bit odd the first time I used it, pouring hot wax all over myself (!) but the odd feeling soon went and now I look forward to this part of my pamper evening. I found the English Garden to have a slightly citronella-ry fragrance which I wasn't really keen on but that my Husband did like. 

What balms and candles do you enjoy using?
*PR Sample

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  1. I simply love the bubb & DIMPLES products - they all smell so nice and are so effective x


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