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Review: Freyaluna Try Me Selection Box

The Freyaluna TRY ME Selection Box has been on my wish list for some time but for one reason or another, I never seemed to get around to ordering it.
That was until last week when I read on Twitter that they would be giving away a free soap with every order! How could I refuse?

The creator of Freyaluna, Sami Blackford, is a certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist based in North Wales. She created her skincare line after years of battling with acne with the approach that Mother Nature can help you to achieve beautiful skin. All of her products are natural and handmade, free of preservatives and harsh chemicals.
From reading her bio, you can tell straight away that she is truly passionate about skincare and takes a real holistic approach to clear skin - not only for herself but for those who buy her products. I love the philosophy behind the brand and I've got to say, the packaging is just wonderful!

So, onto my TRY ME Selection Box.
The idea behind this box is that you try before you buy - selecting up to 5 of Freyaluna's products to sample before buying full sized items. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I wish more companies would offer this kind of service! After picking your five samples, Sami then gets in contact with you to talk about your skincare issues and then picks a further 3 samples for you to try out.
You can buy the TRY ME Selection Box here for £13.

The 5 samples I picked were:
Marigold & Bergamot Soap - Bergamot is one of my favourite fragrances. Combined with the Marigold, this helps give the soap an antiseptic and healing quality to the skin
Shine Control Tonic - my skin can get oily in the afternoons so I picked this out as I hope it might help to balance out my oily skin. With cedarwood and lemongrass, I'm sure this will work
Patchouli & Orange Hand Cream - you can never have too many hand creams and I like the idea of this mix of essential oils
Rose Lotion - thick creams often sit too heavily on my skin so a lotion is much better for me. This Rose Lotion is light enough to absorb quickly and leaves my skin soft and smooth
Chamomile & Lavender Lotion - I always apply a cream or lotion to my skin before I go to bed. I think this one, with the blend of chamomile and lavender will help not only my skin but to help me drift off to a good nights sleep!

The 3 samples that Sami picked for me were:
Soothe the Sensitive Facial Tonic which contains rose water, aloe vera gel and gentle essential oils to sooth sensitive skin
Soothe the Sensitive Cleaning Cream which uses chamomile and rose to provide gentle care for the skin
Regain Your Balance Facial Moisturiser which contains grapeseed oil, rosewater and jojoba oil which helps the skin to balance its oil levels naturally

My free, full sized soap was Orange & Sandlewood which is helps to soothe anxiety and reduce stress.

So there we have it, a wonderful sample box full of natural goodies. I have already used up the Rose Lotion and I can't wait to get my hands into the rest of this beautifully presented box.

Sami can be found on Twitter @samiblackford

Have you tried anything from Freyaluna?

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  1. Rose Lotion is my absolute favourite! Its a great way to try a few products x


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