Saturday, 7 February 2015

Review: Couleur Caramel Cosmetics

Couleur Caramel popped up on my Twitter feed at the beginning of the year  - a natural, mineral and certified organic make-up brand that originates in Paris.

Photo courtesy of Beauty Well

I was sent a few items to review thanks to the UK distributors, Beauty Well.
A Multitouch Concealer Pencil in no.21 (Light Beige)* RRP £15.50 This couldn't have come at a better time to be honest - I had a bit of a hormonal break out a couple of weeks into January which meant this got a good amount of testing! The colour is a good match for my pale wintery skin but I don't think it would work during the Spring/Summer as I tan fairly easily. The pencil is smooth and easy to blend and covers a multitude of sins.
Photo courtesy of Beauty Well

A Lip Gloss no.808 in Pearly CoralRRP £16 I like to call this my browny, peachy colour with a hint of shimmer gloss. I'd not really ventured into lip glosses before as I've had long hair most of my adult life and girls, we all know what happens when the wind turns when you have gloss on!
Anyway, now I've had my locks well and truly chopped off and my hair can't reach my lips I was pleased to give one a go! The applicator is easy to use, it spreads the gloss evenly without having to re-apply too many times or end up with half a sticky mouth. I keep referring to glosses as sticky but it wasn't - high shine yes, tacky feeling no. I was surprised by how much I liked wearing it.
One major thing I want to point out is that on top of the dubious "parfum"it may contain carmine. I did email Beauty Well as it is listed after "May Contain" and asked if they could clarify for me; turns out it does so heads up to everyone really.

Photo courtesy of Beauty Well

Lastly, I was sent a Lip Pencil in no.134 in Caramel* RRP £10.50 This lip pencil is actually a perfect shade for me. I've been looking at getting a lip pencil as I'm wearing lipsticks more than I ever have done and have found that my lips definitely needed a barrier to prevent 'bleeding'. The pencil is a little hard to start off with so I often find I warm it up a bit on my hand before applying. It blends well with my natural colouring which means I can use it with all my lippies.

While I liked everything, I was disappointed by the carmine in the lip gloss and that soured my feelings a bit. I think that a brand promoting natural, mineral and organic make up should look to cut out ingredients like carmine and look for natural alternatives.
What does work in their favour for me is that they are EcoCert approved and all packaging is recycled and a lot of it (including the lip gloss) is recyclable. Big plus in my book.

Have you heard of Couleur Caramel before? 

*PR Samples


  1. It's always a shame when a brand uses carmine but unfortunately that is the natural alternative instead of colours. I've seen these on Twitter though and like the look of some of their others products!

  2. These look great, I personally don't feel that strongly about Carmine I did used to avoid it but most nice pink colours have it in so I decided it was just one of those ingredients I was going to let slip Xx

  3. I hadn't actually heard of them before but they sound like a nice brand and the concealer sounds lovely x


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