Saturday, 14 February 2015

Review: Narynda Skincare

"Narynda Kumar is no ordinary Grandmother..."

I love this introduction into Narynda's story about how she came to develop her own skincare range. It sounds like she's a superhero that tickled me.
You can read more about her story here but the short version is that she took a more holistic approach to her diagnosis of stress-related dermatitis and Narynda Skincare was born.

I was sent a couple of products to try out, a Cleanser* RRP £12 for 100ml and a Toner* RRP £12.50 for 100ml.

"I wanted a cleanser that moisturised as well as cleansed, so alongside the astringent essential oil  from grapefruit peel I've also blended in neroli & peach kernel."
Each oil works to deep clean pores, balance oil on the skin and improve blood circulation. I really like that the cleanser starts out as a gel but as soon as water is added to the skin it turns into a milky consistency making it gentle on the skin and easy to remove.
I've been using it in the morning with a linen cloth* by applying to the face in small circular movements to get a good cleanse. The peach kernel and neroli do a great job at moisturising as well as cleansing so I'd say that Narynda's wish of creating a moisturising cleanser came true.

The toner comes in a pump dispenser which I originally found a little odd as I'm used to a spray but actually have grown quite fond of it. I use about 4 pumps to tone morning and evening after cleansing and it certainly shows when I've been lazy and haven't cleansed properly!
I need something that will combat my combination skin and so far have been impressed with this toner. Grapefruit floral water is the main ingredient in the toner followed by lime floral water so I find it works really well for my skin.

I've enjoyed trying the cleanser & toner from Narynda Skincare and look forward to seeing her range expand.

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*PR Samples


  1. I've been testing out a few products too and the range is lovely! Same re the toner used to a spray but I've been enjoying it x

  2. I'm also testing out several products from Narynda, and I'm particularly loving the heel balm :) xx


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