Friday, 13 January 2017

What's in my Bag? New Year, New Make Up!

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Happy New Year from Jen's Green Skin! You may have noticed a few changes around here... I finally updated my blog with not only a lovely new theme, but also my very own! I'm not a very techy person so I'm sure there are some kinks to iron out but on the whole I'm very happy with it.

My site isn't the only new thing around here, I've updated my make up bag and today I'm going to talk you through it. Over the last couple of months I've picked a few key make up bits as part of the LoveLula blogger programme, as what I has been using was getting a bit old and in need of a spruce up.

You will probably be familiar with the cult RMS Eye Polishes (if not, where have you been!) which are creamy and unfortunately don't work for my oily lids. Needless to say that when I saw that  RMS Beauty Swift Shadows were being released, I placed an order quick sharp. 
The shadows are split into colour groups, with each group having three variations - for example the group Tempting Touch is made up of beiges/tans with the variants 71, 73, 76. Are you with me?
The Tobacco Road group are greeny/browns and have the varients 92, 94, 97.
I went for the shades Tempting Touch 71, Tempting Touch 76, and Tobacco Road 97. 
With these three neutral tones, I can go from day time to evening with a bit of layering. I think that's what I like most about these, that they can be built up to create a deeper colour. And you know what, they work really well and last without creasing up on me. 

When I was a teen (and well into my twenties!) I didn't leave the house without a liberal application of black liquid eyeliner - my favourite was those ones that were basically felt tip pens, you know the ones, they were like permanent markers and didn't budge for three days!
I've sort of avoided liquid liners since going natural as I hadn't found one that would stay put. However it's been a couple if years and I miss the depth of black that you can only really get from a liquid. So I plucked up the courage and opted for this offering from Dr Hauschka.
The brush is very fine and it did take me some time to get used to such precision but I can now safely apply it without looking like I was applying it while skydiving. Its a true black, has real lasting power, and thank God it doesn't smudge or run! It feels good to have this in my tool kit.

My old faithful Green People blush had gone well over its use by date so I tentatively went for something different, PHB Ethical Beauty's Pressed Blusher in Sienna. A matte dusty pink with peach undertones, it can be built up to create more colour if needed. I only use a light dusting as to be honest I'm not sure the colour works that well for me and although it's matte, I'm sure it has a faint shimmer to it which I'm not so keen on. I don't wear blusher ever day, so it may just be that I need some more time to get used to it. I had been using my Green People one for a loooong time and new make up relationships can take a while to develop. 

Rounding off this foray into my make up bag, is the Ere Perez LipBar in Life. Yes, it is that vivid in real life. I was a bit shocked as it looks pretty different to the photo on the website, so I did a little *gulp* when I took it out of the packaging.
However it is pretty damn lush. Not a traditional lipstick but not a lip balm either; it's super nourishing, glossy, and with a slick over the lips its a barely there rosy red which can be built up if you want more colour. It's just enough of a red to make me feel dressed up but without making me feel self conscious that I'm walking around with a big red smaker on my face. I love it and want to try the colour Love next for a day to day look.

So there you have it, my new make up bag for 2017. Have you any suggestions for what I should try next?

*PR samples as part of the LoveLula blogger programme. Affiliate links.


  1. I used to be a big fan og Dr. Huschka, but suddenly I felt it was too olily for my skin:-)

    1. Hi Tina! Which product did you find that with? I've used a few from them but only ever samples (apart from the eyeliner) x

  2. Love your new blog design Jen! Also loving the RMS eyeshadows, I have TT-76 and its so pretty!

    1. Thanks Amber! The TT colours are lush, perfect oaty shades that are so easy to wear day to day x

  3. I'm loving my Ere Perez lipbar and I've still got my eye on those RMS shadows :)

    1. The shadows are lovely, I'm so glad they released powders X


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