Friday, 18 April 2014

Review: Balance Me - Exfoliating Body Polish

One of the things I'm really rubbish at remembering to do is exfoliate. I don't know why this is as I remember to do my face but rarely do I do my body. Now that we are inching closer to the summer months, I want to get my skin in tip-top condition so I'm starting early this year.

I've had my eye on a few different scrubs recently but opted for the Balance Me Exfoliating Body Polish*. At £15 for a 220g tub, I thought this was a good value one to try. 

The first thing I will say about this is that on opening the box, I could smell the spearmint straight off. I didn't even need to open the lid to know that this really was a minty treat!

Now, although the Exfoliating Body Polish can be used on wet and dry skin, I found that my skin needed to be damp to really work for my skin. I suppose the water helped to move the scrub around the skin a bit easier.
 I've been using this in the shower once or twice a week for the last few weeks now. I've found that the scrub is a really good consistency. The sea salt isn't too harsh that you feel you are loosing an inch of skin but equally it isn't underwhelming, leaving you wondering if you had even used a scrub at all.
The sea salt is blended with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and spearmint oil.
The spearmint oil is so lovely and really filled my bathroom with it's fresh and zingy scent - it even lasts once I've finished in bathroom for about an hour. Great for clearing the head first thing in the morning and invigorating you for the day to come.

This leaves my skin with a lovely finish, smooth and moisturised before I'd even stepped out of the shower! No need to use an additional moisturiser after either, which is a great time saver if I've been a bit rushed.

While I've been enjoying using the Balance Me Body Polish, I haven't really been enjoying cleaning the bath after using it. The Scrub is really rich with oils and while that is great for my skin, I've found that as I'm washing the scrub from my body all those nourishing oils are sticking straight to the bath creating a slippery surface and one that requires not just a wipe after use, but a real clean with a cleaning product. I also worry a little about those oils & butters clogging the drain too.

Cleaning the bath aside though, I'm still really enjoying using this Body Polish from Balance Me and think my skin looks brighter for the added attention, especially around my knees and elbows.
Come on Summer, I'm ready for you!

Have you tried the Balance Me Exfoliating Body Polish? Which exfoliators do you use?

You can buy the Balance Me Exfoliating Body Polish from for £15 and free UK delivery.

*This product was provided for me to review by All opinions are my own.


  1. Nice review miss! I love scrub for face or body :-)
    I agree with the slippery aspect of the bath after using product rich in oils....:-((

  2. oooo I love mint and body scrub so sounds like a dreamy combo. Have you ever tried the ren rose otto sugar polish? It's also amazing xx

  3. I always like a minty scrub for the summer, Balance me and I don't have the best history I just haven't found the product for their range that is right for me yet but this is really tempting! Xx

  4. This sounds lovely, mint is perfect for summer! xx


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