Sunday, 23 February 2014

Review: Yarok Feed Your Shine

Finding natural hair care products that really work can be difficult.
I think we should all take a moment to thank God for A Beautiful World for bringing Yarok to the UK! 

A Beautiful World very kindly sent me Yarok Feed Your Shine* in December for which I will be forever grateful as this product has been a game changer for me.

Quite simply, this is a little bottle of magic!

Yarok have created a fantastic hair serum that can be used on either wet or dry hair to promote a healthy scalp, add shine, smooth frizz and protect the hair from heat styling. The blend of oils really deliver on conditioning and nourishing the hair and scalp.

I've been using this for the last 4 week on wet hair before styling  - just two pumps into my hands which I then rub together before running through my hair, concentrating on my scalp and ends. The serum is light, non-greasy and easy to distribute, even with my wild locks!

Although this is light, I've found if I used more then 2 pumps my hair looked a bit darker and heavier than it should so keep this in mind, you really don't need to use much in order to get fantastic results.

Since using this, my scalp is in a much better condition. I love to really massage this into my scalp and then work my way though sections of my hair before blow-drying. My hair feels so incredibly soft now that I've found myself touching it more that before!

Feed Your Shine can also be used on dry hair to tame flyaways and frizz, boosting the natural shine in your hair. 

At £22 for a 1oz bottle, it appears pricey but remember, when you only need 1-2 drops, this will last you for months so I think it works out at great value.

You can buy Feed Your Shine, and other Yarok goodies exclusively from A Beautiful World - so go check them out!

Have you tried anything from this range?

*PR Sample


  1. Sounds lovely! I love Feed Your Youth Hair Oil and Feed your Ends Leave in Conditioner. Want to try the shampoo and conditioner too x

    1. I've love to try the shampoo & conditioner and FYEnds too! x

  2. This sounds really nice, I would love to see how this compares with Feed Your Youth :-) Thanks for sharing xx

  3. I really like the Yarok products that I've tried and I'd love to try this! I have the hair spray which smells gorgeous and the scalp oil that you use to get rid of product build up which is great!

  4. I love the Yarok brand but have only tried their Feed Your Hold hairspray and Feed Your Do. My hair has been looking dull lately so I may have to pick up a bottle of the Feed Your Shine. Thanks for the Review!


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