Wednesday, 26 February 2014

IW Natural Candles

I recently ran out of tea lights and wanted to look for a natural soy option. 
I came across IW Natural Candle Co via Evelyn's blog, the fantastic We Were Raised By Wolves and after visiting the website, I made a couple of purchases.

The IWNC.Co hand make their candles using natural soy wax and essential oils, creating beautiful blended scents. By using soy wax, the candles have a cleaner burn that does not pollute the air we breath in; another bonus of using soy wax is that it lasts much longer than standard paraffin wax.

The tea lights are sold by individuals at 60p each, by packs of 6 for £3.50 or packs of 12 for £6.50. I picked up a 12 pack as I was completely out. They are unscented which is a huge bonus as I like to use them with an oil burner and this means that the only fragrance filling the air is of my choosing.  
My candles arrived on Friday and I am totally impressed by the burn time on these dinky tea lights - one candle lasted from 6pm all the way through to about 10.30pm.

While I was on the site, I also bought a small candle in Sweet Roast Chestnut for £5.50. The description for this candle says that it is a warming and comforting fragrance, reminiscence of a walk through Paris on a cold December evening with the festive lights twinkling in the trees and chestnuts roasting over open coals. 
Whilst I have never walked through Paris in December, or at any time to be honest!, I can attest to the warming and comforting scent that reminds me of freshly made Marron Glacé and the sweet candied smell that would fill the room. 
Sweet Roast Chestnut is such a lovely scent and I'm really pleased it was the one I bought. So pleased that I couldn't even wait until I took a photo of the candle before I used it, I just had to light it up!

You can buy your soy tea lights from the IWNC.Co's website here or have a look at their scented candle range here, you wont be disappointed!

I've got a post coming up with some of the candles I have been lusting over recently and you won't be surprised to see that there is another IWNC candle in there too :)

What is your favourite scented candle? Where do you buy your tealights from?


  1. Lovely candles :-) My favourite scented candle is vanilla or fruity xx

    1. IWNC does a really lush sounding Cinnnamon & Vanilla - well worth trying :) xx

  2. I love St Eval Sea Salt, Almost Edible, MIMI & Me and Jo Malone x

    1. I adored those apple & sea salt tea lights from St Eval that you sent me, even my fella liked them :D x

  3. Oo that roast chestnut candle sounds heavenly :) I've heard so much about this company and their prices seem so good too, going to pop over to their site now :) x

    1. Let me know if you get anything! I've already got a shopping list of ones I would like to try next - the Cranberry & Vanilla Pod really appeals to me x


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