Wednesday, 4 September 2013

September Wishlist

Well, we are only 4 days into September but I have already had to put myself on a spending ban!
Still, this doesn't stop me from window shopping and making a wishlist of items to buy in October.

1. Bodhi - Mint The Temple Balm. £15. I have read so much about this little pot of wonder and I am really keen to have this in my arsenal. 

2. Bentley Organic - Hand Sanitiser. £3 (ish). I use a lot of hand sanitiser due to my work but just can't bring myself to use the alcohol ones anymore. I've been on the look out for something to replace mine and I think this one will do the trick!

3. Terre d'Oc - Liquid Eyeliner in Kobe. £17.95. I have been using pencil eyeliners over the last few months but I can't help but prefer a liquid line for definition. Finding one without nasties however is a struggle.

4. Savonnerie London - French Lavender Body Lotion. £13.95. Although I was never a fan of lavender when I was younger, I love it now. I can't help but want this beautiful lotion from Savonnerie!

5. Kadria Skincare - Balancing Face Oil. £24. The skin on my face can suffer from breakouts so I have to change my routine to cover this every now and then. From looking at reviews, I think this will work at regenerating the skin.

6. BalmBalm - Tea Tree Face Balm. £6.99. As I have grown to love my NYR Wild Rose Beauty Balm (review here) I am very keen to try out others. This tea tree face balm will also help with the occasional breakout.

Have you used any of these products before? How did you get on with them?

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  1. Lovely wish list, the Bodhi temple balm is worth every penny and I love the Savonnarie Rose de mai lotion so I can imaging that the lavender is equally as lovely Xx


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