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Gorgeously Green Gathering: Meet The Brands - Bodhi & Birch

Welcome back for another of our Meet The Brand posts; a series which helps you learn more about the brands speaking at the Gorgeously Green Gathering.
So far we have spoken to our two sponsors - Rachel has introduced us to Kim from Botanical Brands and Sarah presented Olga from The Rose Tree.

Today I have the absolute pleasure in sharing my interview with Elijah Choo, Founder of eco-luxe Bodhi & Birch. 
I'm a huge fan of the brand and have worked through almost all the products that Bodhi & Birch have to offer. Neroli Lucé was a game changer in my skincare routine and an oil that I always compare other oils to, Mint Thé (both in Temple Balm and Bath and Shower Therapy forms) is another staple in my collection and Ylang Ylang Incensa is just heavenly, I wish I could bottle it and wear it as a fragrance
But enough gushing from me and on to the interview!

What does 'naturally beautiful' mean to you? 

'Naturally beautiful' doesn't really mean much to me personally. They are both subjective terms and thus open to disagreement and extensive debate.   
I believe in enlightened living, embracing being yourself, maintaining your skin and body the best you can, positively; be it through food, lifestyle, skincare and wellness, with the least impact to your surroundings and to others. 
Understand there are various degrees of 'natural'; try not to focus on just one "raw ingredient" but rather, as a whole, find the balance that is right for you.   
It's all about making the choices you are most comfortable with and what makes you, and your skin, happy. That is what matters to me. 

What has been your biggest challenge with your brand/products? 

As with any other niche green beauty brand we face a multitude of challenges ranging from maintaining product integrity and quality to promoting and marketing brand values. And all this is up against the commercial beauty giants, vying for product innovation, retail space and customer attention in an extremely competitive market. 
The ethos of Bodhi & Birch has always been a fine balance of eco and luxury; utilising the best of what nature has to offer to create high performance products that care for skin and indulges the senses.   
It is not easy to put this message across, especially sharing product experiences and its scent through an ever-increasing online platform. However, thanks to social media and the bloggersphere, it allows others to discover our brand and read about our products.   

Which product(s) are Bodhi & Birch's best sellers?

 There is a lot of love for our Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil. Beauty editors recommend it, international make-up artist Ruby Hammer champions it and actress Sienna Miller loves it! 
The inspiration for Desert Rose came from the mesmerising scent of a thornless rose that climbs over the pear tree in my orchard, and an experience I encountered in the Sahara Desert. Paying homage to the legendary flower, we source our Damask Rose Otto from roses hand-harvested from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria. The organic Argan Oil is from the Berber women in Morocco and is hand extracted as they would have for centuries. 
This unique formula of eleven plant oils is hand-blended to create an ultra-fine face oil that imparts a dewy glowing radiance to skin. It's no wonder it is our best seller. 

What does the future hold for Bodhi & Birch? 

Ooh this question is always a tricky one to answer! 
Bodhi & Birch is my brainchild to create a line of enlightened skincare and to evolve the brand to enlightened living. Our growth has been organic and we are constantly gathering ideas of what products we would be launching in the future. We always encourage suggestions as we wish Bodhi & Birch to be as much a part of you as it is of us. 
There are several exciting new products that we have developed, all awaiting the right moment to launch. I've also been working on a series of “aromatic products", so watch this space. 

What are you most excited about when it comes to attending the Gorgeously Green Gathering? 

What's really exciting about the Gorgeously Green Gathering is the mix of brand experts and green bloggers, meeting and sharing knowledge on common ground. This is a unique event; a unique chance for us to discuss, share and learn along side like-minded entities and individuals. I am thrilled Bodhi & Birch is part of it.

Gorgeously Green Gathering is sponsored by Botanical Brands (distributors of Living Nature & Lippy Girl) and The Rose Tree and organised by Sarah (Sugarpuffish) Jen (Jen's Green Skincareand Rachel (All Natural Aspirations)

Images all courtesy of Elijah Choo.


  1. Bodhi and Birch's face oils look wonderful - I really hope I can be part of the Gorgeously Green Gathering. :) Great interview. Xxx

    1. Neroli Luce is devine - I urge you to give it a try! Keep an eye out for ticket sales in June! X

  2. Eek all these posts are making me even more excited for September! Can't wait to see Elijah! Hopefully he'll have a new release out by then too... :D x

    1. It's going to be a brilliant day - so many treats in stall for you all! X

  3. Looking brillant! Not sure I can be part...although I would love too!x


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