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Review: Mel Millis Organic Phytonutrient Skincare

Mel Millis is a British artisan company making truly luxurious skincare. Products are made in micro batches using only the purest, freshest, nutrient rich, sustainably sourced and certified organic ingredients.
I love this line from the website...
Mel Millis works tirelessly together with nature and its science, overseeing every part of the process ourselves. We go beyong organic to ensure our skincare is simply the best available.

Mel Millis has a great philosophy that is at the forefront of each creation.
Formulated to Reduce the Exposure of our Skin to Harmful chemicals.
This means that each and every products is free from parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients, artificial colourants, pthalates, formaldehydes, TEA/DEA, mineral oil, palm oil, GMO's and alcohol. Products are cruelty free and also suitable for vegans. 
One of my favourite things about Mel Millis is that the packaging is full of wild flower seed so you simply plant the packaging in the earth and watch the flowers grow! 

There are three skincare collections - Re Energise for mature and lacklustre skin, Re Balance for delicate and irritated skin and Revitalise for normal and combination skin.

I was sent an amazing parcel that contained products specially chosen for my skin type, oily/combination.

First up is the Phytonurti Qi Plankton Skin Remedy* RRP £68 for 200g. This cleanser comes in powder form. Powders carefully selected to restore brightness, increase elasticity and firmness, to plump up the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Powdered ingredients that include Nutmeg, Spirulina, Green Tea Extract, Ginseng, Cocoa, Moroccan Laval Clay, Natural Enzyme Produced Hyaluronic Acid. 
You need such a small amount, I'd say about a quarter of a teaspoon, and add a couple of drops of water to the powder to create a bit of a green paste. Yes, that's right girls, this cleanser is green (thanks to the Spirulina no doubt!) and when applying it to your skin it makes you look like a she hulk! Don't worry though, it is easily rinsed away.
This can also be used as a mask, simply mix as above and leave on to 10 minutes. Gently wipe away using an Organic Muslin Cloth*.

Next up is the Organic Neroli Hydrolate Mist Tonic* RRP £22 for 50ml.
This Neroli hydrolate has a beautiful aroma. Neroli rejuvenates and regenerates skin, promoting new cells and rebalances the pH levels of the skin.
Hydrolates are uses after cleansing to help flush toxins out and allow cells to absorb nutrients, remove impurities and keeps the skin feeling hydrated, plump and smooth.
It can be used on all skin types but is especially good for sensitive and oily skin.
Simply spritz onto the face and neck, pat dry with fingertips and you're ready for the next step. Can also be used throughout the day, if needed.

Last and by no means least, is the Organic Phytonutri Frankincense & Camillia Revitalising Face Oil* RRP £35 for 50ml.
This oil has been formulated especially for normal/combination skin with oils of Evening Primrose, Camellia and Hemp - picked for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They promote clear, blemish free skin while allowing the skin to feel moisturised.
Essential oils of Frankincense and Sandalwood work to protect and repair skin, leaving it calm and revitalised.
After toning and whilst my skin is still slightly damp, I apply a few (2-3) drops to my palm and massage into my face and neck. I love the spicy scent of Frankincense and I find it especially calming as part of my night time routine. 

Have you been fortunate enough to try anything from Mel Millis, what did you think?

*PR Sample. 


  1. We had samples of the toning mist and serum in a SoukSouk box a while ago and I love them x

  2. I like the serum that I got in the Souk Souk box! I love the sound of the Plankton Remedy, I've seen a few rave reviews! x

  3. I really want to try this brand, sounds gorgeous!<3

  4. I love the sound of these products! Mel Mill is is definitely on my radar.


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