Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Neal's Yard Remedies - Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I thought I would start off by reviewing some of my most used and loved products, so where better to begin than with Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm.

This is one of Neal's Yard Remedies' top selling products, winning all sorts of awards over the years since its launch. As you can see from the second photo, the balm is very bright yellow in colour! The first time I used it I was a little put off but that certainly didn't last!

As detailed on the NYR website, the Wild Rose Beauty Balm can be used as a rich cleanser, gentle exfoliant or deeply nourishing balm to quench areas of dry or dehydrated skin. This balm contains Wild Rosehip oil which is a potent antioxidant proven to help repair, firm and smooth the skin. Other ingredients include geranium, starflower, hemp and rosemary seed oil. Together these help to decongest and enrich the skin, giving you a lovely glow.

You can use this product in three ways; as a cleanser with warm water, as an exfoliate using a damp muslin cloth to wipe away the balm in a gentle, circular movement and as a nourishing balm on clean, dry skin.

I have been using this balm each evening over the last couple of months and it has made a real difference to my skin. I cleanse and exfloliate at the end of the day and once or twice a week will, after cleansing, apply another layer onto dry skin and leave it on as a mask overnight. I find this is particularly helpful if I am suffering from a breakout.

I love love love the smell of this balm, it has a wonderful earthy fragrance which is highlighted with the floral notes of the wild rose. The balm melts easily between your fingers into a rich oil and although the balm is such a vivid colour, this does not transfer when massaging into the skin. Personally, I have oily/combination skin and I wasn't sure if adding additional oils to my skin would benefit me. Well, my eyes have been opened to the world of beauty balms! I wouldn't be without this product now.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm costs £37.00 from the NYR website. I agree that this does seem expensive, however I have been using this one jar for three months and am only halfway through. I usually wait for the 20% off days to buy,these happen a few times a year.

I had never used a balm before this one and I am keen to know how others get on with them.

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