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Salcura - Bath Oil, Body Hydrator, Hand Hydrator

Salcura was launched just over a decade ago with a range of products for those wanting an effective, natural alternative to chemical based products. Salcura offer ranges for specific areas of problem skin - including Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. In their statement regarding ingredients, Salcura use no artificial chemicals, cortisones, peroxides, parabens or paraffins. They choose their ingredients based on their scientifically proven ability to deal with infection, inflammation and tissue damage. 

They state that:
They never test on animals
Go Organic where they can
All products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
They only use naturally sourced preservatives
None of the ingredients are genetically modified or engineered

I was contacted at the end of November by Salcura to see if I would be interested in trying out some of their range. I hadn't hear of the brand before this so I went and had a look at their website. After seeing that their ranges were primarily aimed at people with skin conditions, I responded and said that I didn't actually suffer with any skin complaints but that my husband did and would they be interested in sending something through for him to review on my behalf. 

The company actually sent me through 5 full sized products - two specifically for my husband to review (post will be up in about a week) and three for me. These included a Bath Oil*, Body Hydrator* and Hand Hydrator*.

Bath Oil* 225ml for £12.99 - Rich in Omega 3,6, 7 & 9 with Safflower, Olive, Borage, Wheatgerm, Flax Seed, Cumin Seed and Sea Buckthorn Oils. This oil works perfectly well as both a treat for a moisturising bath or applied directly to the skin. I found it to be light and easily absorbed into the skin with a very faint earthy scent.
My skin was left feeling rehydrated and my dry elbows feel less like sandpaper now!

Body Hydrator* 200ml for £12.99 - Another Omega rich formula that is quickly absorbed, non greasy and deeply moisturising. Ingredients include Sea Buckthorn, Avocado, Safflower, Lavender, Wheatgerm and fractionated Coconut Oil. This has become my daily moisturiser of choice after my morning shower as it is so nourishing without feeling heavy and I can get dressed straight away without having to wait for it to be absorbed. I have been trying to figure out what this smells like and the best I can describe it as a spicy coconut! 

Hand Hydrator* 75ml for £10.99 - This has a very slightly different formula to the Body Hydrator, with more focus on Wheatgerm, Sunflower, Marigold and Jojoba Oils. The Hand Hydrator soothes and restores sensitive and dry skin. I've kept this in my bathroom so I can apply after washing by hands. It does a lovely job of moisturising my hands and again, is really quickly absorbed.

I must add that I am a frequent visitor to Sarah from Sugarpuffish "Ingredients to Avoid" page as I feel this is a brilliant resource for those pesky chemicals. I checked each of the products I have sampled above against this list was happy to find that none of them were on it.

You can find the Bath Oil, Body Hydrator and Hand Hydrator on the Salcura website here.

*PR Samples


  1. I use the Salcura Gentle Spray in the summer on my eczema, it's great for soothing itchiness but I haven't branched out into their other products. The bath oil sounds appealing. Thanks for the shout out, very kind of you :-)

    1. You are very welcome, I often refer to your list of nasties if I forget the names of things - its a very handy link!
      The bath oil is lovely and I like that I can use it on dry skin too. I can imagine for those with really dry, itchy skin this would be a real treat x

  2. Haven't heard of brand before but these products sound great. Off to have a look at their site - Happy New Year! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. I hadn't heard of Salcura before either. They don't appear to have a Twitter presence which is probably why I'd not seen them before! A very Happy New Year to you too x

  3. Great review :) I've never heard of them before so I'm really intrigued now, might give the bath oil a go :) x

    1. I'm sure you would love the bath oil. I found that it didn't really have a scent, other than the faint earthiness from the oils. I guess they kept the formula basic so as not to be an irritant. Its great that it can be used as a body oil too for added moisture x

  4. Nice review...Heard of this brand before. Some of their products contain a few " non natural preservatives". Have a look.The range looks great as an overall but I do not consider this brand entirely natural.

    1. I had a look through some of the other products before reviewing these and you are right, in a few of their products there are some questionable ingredients. I wouldn't say they were a Green brand either because this but I was happy that those I sampled were free from anything that I would avoid as standard x


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